Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Define: "Cold"

Oy. It was a whopping 6 degrees when I left home this morning. It didn't take long for my nose turn red. It was the kind of morning when I should have worn a better coat, and could have used a scarf. At least there wasn't any wind. The wind last night was pretty bad, adding windchill to 15 degree weather.

I'm feeling a little sore in the neck today....I wonder if missing a chiro appointment on Monday because of the holiday is the reason?

Going in again today.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Update Ramble

Ok, it's been a couple weeks, and I've told a few people that I would try and do better at updating more often. Maybe I can make it a new year's resolution to try and update at least a couple times per week.

So, as far as update is going well. Last Thursday I had my 90-day performance evaluation. It went pretty well...I got a "commendable" score, and the HR Manager spoke a bit about the potential for my career in HR. Right now I can't say with absolute certainty that this is what I'll be doing with the rest of my life, but whatever path God has me on, I am certain it's the right one. If history teaches me anything, it's to not make too many assumptions or claim that I know what's best for me more than He does.

What are the other options? Well, here's a little soul-bearing...The other options I've considered are areas that I've felt a significant amount of interest in, or had significant training/experience in.
In no particular order:

1. Writing - aside from being my own biggest fan in the area of vocabulary and spelling (of which I am at times painfully aware is a delusion), there is a fiction story I started writing back in 2003 that was on hiatus while I was busy being a band director. Now that I have more time, and a sort-of creative vacuum, I have taken it up again. As of now, I have no particular goals or schedule with this story, but I've made a few minor breakthroughs that are exciting.

2. Sound engineering - running sound at WCHS was the first step. Then a week after moving to the Springs, God providing another opportunity. Not only is it running sound for the services at church, but it also provides a little extra income. Even before moving out here, I researched a little bit into what the financial and time commitments would be to get more formal training in the area. And of course this kind of career would keep me much more in touch with music.

3. Web design - I created my first web page in 1994 when there was only html and little help to be found. It's mainly be an oft-neglected hobby and fun distraction, but it's another interest that turned into income when I was the webmaster for our school's site at WCHS. My tasks were basic enough, I wasn't starting from scratch, but I did see an avenue open up that was intriguing to pursue.

4. Ministry - this is probably the path that I am most apprehensive/hesitant about. Aside from the lifestyle and financial sacrifices implied, it's a broad category that could steer in almost any direction. Music? High School? Short term missions? Administrative/Leadership staff? There are many areas of ministry that I have been involved with and done well in.

So, as wonderful as free will might be, the frustration is knowing that I have different levels of aptitude for each "path" (including HR). I feel confident that God will continue to provide direction and bless my efforts, regardless of which direction I go...though some may be more appropriate than others.

Anywho...for right now, it'll be keep the status quo. I'll keep developing my HR career, dabbling at my story, running sound at church, staying somewhat active on the internet, and active at church so I can keep all those doors open. I have the sneaking suspicion that someday (maybe years from now) I will be wholly-devoted to something, but time will tell.

Thanks for indulging my musing.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm not using that word as a euphemism for something else, I'm talking about the bad brown stuff, so if you're squeamish, don't read on.

Wendy and I are sitting on the couch watching some of the 2nd season of Lost, when I say something to Wendy about how much it's starting to smell in the apartment. We start to investigate, and I go into Connor's room to check if he went in his pants. Before I even bother checking him, I can see it smeared on their little blue table. Oh...and it's in Connor's underwear too. We immediately get him into the bathroom and start a bath. Since he admits he was using his hands to "play" with it, I start getting him cleaned up while Wendy cleans up the room.

Alas, poor Rusty (one of Connor's Thomas the Train trains) is a fatal casualty that goes to the trash, despite Bubba's protests. Since he hadn't had a nap today anyways, we decide we'll do the early bed time thing.

Pretty yucky, but Wendy says she's seen worse, so I'm not to make to big of a deal out of it, I guess.
Lessee....Connor's been working on potty-training for about 4 months now....and there is no end in sight with the difficulties. The other day I asked him why he went pee-pee in his pants instead of the potty, and he said "Cause I'm playing" he just doesn't want to stop playing to bother going to the bathroom. We've tried the whole "babies go in diapers, big boys go in the potty" argument with him, but that hasn't sunk in yet.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nice job, God

That's literally what I said, out loud, this morning as I pulled out of my parking spot and turned east into one of the most gorgeous sunrises I've seen in a looong time. I even LOL'ed because the pink and orange colors were dead on for rainbow sherbert....too bad there wasn't any green. If there was, I might've lost my mind and tried to eat the sky. (Woah....did I just have an acid trip?)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow = Fun Times

I gotta tell ya…I love snow/winter.

There’s something about the cold, crisp (fresh) air and pretty white snow everywhere that somehow makes me feel a little more alive and full of joy.

Connor and Cosette are obviously kids full of wonder to this bizarre phenomenon they haven't experienced until this move. Even Wendy has giggled like a school girl from time to time. I suspect that years from now the novelty may have dulled somewhat. At least that seems to be the attitude of most of the locals. I'm looking forward to every bit of snow I can get, and everyone at work grumbles and worries.

Speaking of snow....I'm patting myself on the back for getting some pretty darn good winter tires. When I lived in Denver back in 2000 I didn't get winter tires for my Ford Ranger and believe me, I slid around a bit. But with the several days I've driven with these new tires I've been very impressed/pleased with their performance. I've even intentionally stopped/started fast and taken curves a little quick (in safe areas with no cars around) to "test" them out, and I've had a hard time trying to slide on purpose! (Wendy doesn't really approve of my "testing") I didn't even get top-of-the-line tires, but relatively affordable Hankook tires.

Check Wendy's site out for some awesome snow pics. medium-sized post every 2-3 weeks wears a fella out. That's all for now.