Thursday, September 18, 2008

House...and TRQ

Ok, my brain must've gotten zapped...cuz I completely forgot that House premiered on Tuesday. I missed it because I was running sound at church for a special event ("Would Jesus Go Green?"), but I had intended on watching it online asap. So, guess I'll do that tonight. I also got Hitman from Netflix...that's for after the kids are in bed.

TRQ: Tolkien Reading Quest

Several Tolkien aficionados are planning on reading through about 22 books related to Tolkien and Middle-earth, starting on 9-22 (Monday). It's actually been a few years since I've re-read The Hobbit and LOTR...and I've never read several of the HoME series, so I think this is a good opportunity to do so, along with the camaraderie and motivation of discussion.

I don't expect any of my half-dozen regular readers to join in this "Quest", but I'm thinking about creating a separate blog (quick-update format, like Tumblr) to make posts directly relating to the reading quest. Although, I barely have a few readers here as it is....we'll see.