Friday, October 2, 2009


So, through a Craigslist ad, I was able to pick up 4 hours of work at the Double Eagle casino up in Cripple Creek. (4 hours today, 4 on Sunday - setup/tear-down) I didn't know what the event was until after agreeing to work. It's the Wheel of Fortune's traveling contestant search thing. They do a mini-version of the game show and stuff. I mostly moved boxes, unpacked stuff, help setup the heavy stuff on the stage.

I didn't get many pictures, but I'll try and get some on Sunday before tear-down.
It was beautiful's a view from highway 67 looking down on Cripple Creek. (It was safe for me to take, cuz I was stopped by road construction workers)

Here's me and Cardboard Vanna:

Unpacking the categories for the game board:

And on the way back, I stopped at Jonie's Deli in Woodland Park for lunch, and had a very de-lish turkey melt.

Reap the rewards - I was given some Wheel schwag to keep.

(I had to do those last two photos as links, cuz blogger wouldn't upload anymore)