Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fitness Report

I was just going to do a Facebook status update like I usually do, but wanted to go into a bit more detail.

I'm officially one week into my 24 Hour Fitness so far, and being analytical, I like looking at the raw data. You should see my spreadsheets...

So in the 7 days since I joined, I've gone in 5 days. I know that there can be a lot of enthusiasm early on that peters out over time, but I'm thinking that if I keep it up for 3 or 4 weeks it'll become habit/routine.

Friday I had my free/introductory session with a personal trainer. I kinda liked it. She had me working pretty hard, and I have a feeling that if I continue with her, I'll get good results soon. So I took the new member special where you get 3 1-hour sessions for $99 (regularly it's $60 per session).

Anyways, it seems like each time I've gone running, I try to do just a little bit better by going a little faster or a little farther.

New accomplishments for today: 2 miles in 29:46...and 3 miles in 46:47. That last mile took a bit longer, as it had more walk breaks and my phone fell and broke open and I had to rescue it.

By the way, in case I hadn't mentioned it, I plan on doing a 10k race at the end of May called the Bolder Boulder. (6.2 miles) So far, I'm on track for a 90 minute race time. I'd like to get under 70 minutes to get into a different "wave".

After the treadmill, I did a few reps of weights and crunches just for good measure. Then, hit the sauna.

Holy crap! How do people do the sauna?! I could only stand about 5 minutes of it. It got difficult/uncomfortable to breath, and I knew a few minutes more would've put me at risk of passing out. Maybe it was just because I had worked out for an hour, but even so...don't know if I'll try that again. I'll just still to the jacuzzi.

All in all, it felt good. I'll rest on Sunday, then try to get 3 miles again on Monday, then I meet with my personal trainer again on Tuesday. Looking forward to it!