Monday, October 12, 2009

The Word of the Day is: Blessed

I'm blessed in a lot of ways. After day one of the new job, I wanted to post this update because I've had such tremendous support and interest on Facebook, so I hope to answer most (if not all) of your questions here.

So here's the facts...
Jaxon Engineering & Maintenance is a small company that started in August by people that have actually been doing this kind of thing for years. "What do they do?" you ask...Understandably, I'm still getting to know the company myself, but here's my basic explanation for now:

Jaxon designs/builds/maintains (but I think mostly maintains) radar installations. The kind that look into space, and monitor national defense. We already have several contracts, with locations across the country, and a couple overseas. (One of the exciting things is that it looks like I will be traveling to some of the locations.)

My title is Human Resources & Security Director. So I handle all the HR stuff, and am starting the learning curve to become the company's FSO (Facility Security Officer) - which has to do with security clearances and things like that for defense contracts.

For the locals: our building is behind the huge USAA building at Research & I'm available for lunch in the North Academy area. ;)

It's also very cool to be working with some really great people. There's definitely a sense of a close community here, and several of the people are actually at Vanguard too.

I definitely have that "looking forward to work in the morning" feeling.
So here's to the exciting new adventure...and I'll try to get some photos tomorrow to post.

Thanks, God, for your awesome, unpredictable timing and predictable faithfulness!