Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13 Bandwagon

Thanks to Heather for the inspiration to post something...

13 things on my mind:

1. Why is my left eye twitching every once in a while? And I answer...get more sleep, doofus!

2. Still a tad steamed at myself for playing somewhat poorly at my poker game last night.

3. I really liked dinner last night and am looking forward to the leftovers I brought for lunch.

4. I'm eager to get started with the MMA program, so we can pay off our house in half the time!

5. Mornings are a little more fun these days...Connor gets up and I get him some breakfast and we watch cartoons while I get ready for work.

6. Still a little amazed at how smart Cosette is for not-quite-2-yet!

7. I'm still trying (and mostly failing) to worship in the car on my way to work. =/

8. I love that I love my family, and hope I tell/show it often enough.

9. I hope I can get a work-out in tonight, I've missed the last 3 days due to busyness/obligations

10. I'm still waffling on the Wii/PS3 decision (I've ruled out Xbox)

11. I need to get back to reading Jerry Jenkin's new book, Riven

12. I've really been enjoying re-connecting with people from my past on Facebook.

13. I'm pretty sure my wife will do this to...and will expect me to take that quiz thing on Facebook in return!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crisis of Capitalization

Those who know me that I’ve got more than a couple hamsters running in a wheel in my head. I’m a fairly educated, smart guy…and sometimes can be a stickler for spelling and punctuation.

but then again ive spent a lot of time in internet culture (bubbs, blogs, game forums, etc) where things like capitalization proper speling and and grammer arnt as important or prevalent

I think partially for fun, partially for culture immersion, and partially for laziness, I enjoy not capitalizing or being as picky about spelling in those scenarios. But I’ve noticed how it has affected my typing when I want it to be correct. I’m using the delete key more now than I did a few years ago…not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because of that muscle memory that I slip into.

I’m not making a decision just yet as to whether I’m going to start using proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, complete sentences, etc in the blogosphere. I’m just saying.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Melinda Day?

Weird...I came across this article on the 'net today: