Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13 Bandwagon

Thanks to Heather for the inspiration to post something...

13 things on my mind:

1. Why is my left eye twitching every once in a while? And I answer...get more sleep, doofus!

2. Still a tad steamed at myself for playing somewhat poorly at my poker game last night.

3. I really liked dinner last night and am looking forward to the leftovers I brought for lunch.

4. I'm eager to get started with the MMA program, so we can pay off our house in half the time!

5. Mornings are a little more fun these days...Connor gets up and I get him some breakfast and we watch cartoons while I get ready for work.

6. Still a little amazed at how smart Cosette is for not-quite-2-yet!

7. I'm still trying (and mostly failing) to worship in the car on my way to work. =/

8. I love that I love my family, and hope I tell/show it often enough.

9. I hope I can get a work-out in tonight, I've missed the last 3 days due to busyness/obligations

10. I'm still waffling on the Wii/PS3 decision (I've ruled out Xbox)

11. I need to get back to reading Jerry Jenkin's new book, Riven

12. I've really been enjoying re-connecting with people from my past on Facebook.

13. I'm pretty sure my wife will do this to...and will expect me to take that quiz thing on Facebook in return!