Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insert Pithy/Profound Title Here

Ya, haven't blogged in a while, but it seems like most everyone else is doing the "Sorry I haven't blogged in a while" update, so I'll jump on the bandwagon.

But nothing deep/personal yet, just a movie-centric blog. (So at least Jeri will like it. ;)) I'll get back to life, ministry, etc. stuff later.

Ran across this "Most Anticipated Movies of 2010" entry in my reader feed, and am pretty excited about a number of them, so here are some thoughts...


(I don't know if it's just me, or if there's a load problem with the site, but not all of the movie photos/reviews loaded, so I'm only going to comment on the ones I could actually see/read.)

"Lightning Thief" - Jury's out. Saw a trailer that was mildly interesting, but worried it's gonna be to much geared toward the teeny-bopper/Twilight/Harry Potter crowd. Not me.

"Alice in Wonderland" - Obviously this is going to be visually fantastic and a must-see. Maybe I don't remember enough about the story, but I thought its focus was on Alice? This seems to really be pushing Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter - which certainly looks to be outstanding - I just thought it was a minor role.

"Clash of the Titans" - OMG YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! I'm going a little gaga over this one. The 1981 classic has always been a favorite of mine. The re-make looks friggin' amazing. This is a 100% must-see-in-the-theater for me.

"Kick-Ass" - falls somewhere between "Could be kind of fun" and "Abysmal loser-failure" I'll probably wait for rental.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" - The original creeped me out pretty good as a kid. I'm not much of a horror/gore fan so this is a Pass.

"Iron Man 2" - Duh. Of course. Another must-see. Hope it doesn't hit any tragic sequel cliche speedbumps.

"Robin Hood" - another Yes for me. It looks to be a gritty, darker version of the well-known story. I like what the reviewer said, and I would add that it has potential to have the same effect that "Dark Knight" had on the Batman franchise. (Which is a good thing.)

"Shrek Forever After" - meh. I think they've used up any humor/novel ideas that were available and anything more will feel like a stretch. Maybe a rental if it's not a flop.

"Sex and the ...." never mind. I'm not going finish typing the title. And if you suggest this one, I will find the cutest, most adorable kitten I can find and step on its head in your name.

"Prince of Persia" - sweet game. Hope it can do better as a video game adaptation than most have fared.

"The A-Team" - one of my favorite 80's shows. Don't know if it's possible to succeed as a movie. For me the characters are pretty embedded as I remember them. Different actors will be hard for me to accept, but as a fan I feel obligated to give it a chance.

"The Karate Kid" - *groan* I highly doubt it. This one has the stink of flop on it already. Yes, we like Jackie Chan. But have you seen the trailer for "The Spy Next Door"? Makes me start to question Jackie's movie choices.

"Twilight..blah blah" - see "Sex and the..."

"The Last Airbender" - kind of a lame title. M Night Shyamalan has gotten weaker with each film. Sounds like a cheesy plot, but might be visually entertaining. Possibly a rental.

"Inception" - ???????? Obviously I want to trust the director (Dark Knight, Memento) but hard to get a read on something they won't tell us anything about.

"Salt" - mmmmmmm....Angelina Jolie. AJ + action flick = yes I'll see it. Plot/acting are irrelevant with this combo.

"Toy Story 3" - not quite as bad off as the Shrek franchise (yet), I'm worried they may try to re-hash too much. But this could be a good one to take the kids to see.

"Little Fockers" - high level of indifference.

"Expendables" - W. T. F. Seriously! Who ever thought we would see this cast list: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Danny Trejo, Micky Rourke, Terry Crews. (With Sly at the helm) That pretty much wraps up 80s-90s action films in a nutshell. Now, there is every reason to believe that at least a couple of these are little more than cameos, but still. Any more beefcake and I might think about pinch-hitting for the other team for a couple hours. Like "Salt", plot/acting are irrelevant, though for different reasons.

"Harry Potter #17" - meh. I never really got on the band wagon with this franchise.

"Rapunzel" - Cosette will probably like it.

"Tron: Legacy" - Another OMG - YEEEESSSSS!!! In the same era as "Clash of the Titans" this was another big favorite of mine growing up, and still like re-watching the original. I'm cautiously getting my hopes up. A must for the theater.

"Green Hornet" - meh.

I think I saw maybe 4 movies in 2009 (two of them last week). I'm hoping to see more in the theater this year - especially since at least 4 of the ones above rate a "Must see in the theater" for me.