Saturday, February 13, 2010


Aaaagghhh!!! I can hardly stand her cuteness.

This morning I've spent a little time giving Cosette a golf lesson, and she was really cute trying to remember how to hold the club and getting all excited when she hits the ball right.

Then while coloring and watching iCarly, there was a scene where Carly kisses Freddie. (Yes, I know I'm admitting that I've watched quite a bit of's the kids fault.) But the Cute Cosette part is that she turns to me and makes the cutest face saying "That's boring. That kissing is boring." Hilarious.

But the piece-de-resistance is what she said last night...

She was talking in the car on the way home about a dream or something, that went kind of like this:

Cosette: "Jesus is sad."

Us: "Why"

Cosette: "Because his family is going to California"

Us: "And he's sad because he's alone and will miss them?"

Cosette: "Ya, but then they come back!"

Us: "Oh good, so then Jesus is happy again."

Cosette: "No, Jesus is crying"

Us: "Why?"

Cosette: "Because his children are lost."

Us: Stunned silence...I tear up a bit.

I know she doesn't realize the import of what that means, and she probably didn't mean it that way, but something about hearing your 3-year-old say that Jesus is sad because his children are lost...