Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Josh Goes To Jail

Fortunately, I went not as a new resident, but as a potential employee. My interview for an inmate fund bookkeeper position was at the El Paso County Detention Center.

Now, I had spoken to a woman on the phone about the interview (time, location, what to bring, etc.) and thought that I would be interviewing with her and maybe one other person. Imagine my surprise when someone ushers me into a back office, and there is an administrative employee in a polo shirt, and two fully-uniformed sergeants with the sheriff's dept.

I kept my cool, though, and the 3 men each took turns asking questions. I fielded most of them alright, except I didn't know who the current Sherriff for El Paso Co. is. (I looked it up, it's Terry Maketa) The whole interview was done in about 10 minutes.

A couple of things have me uncertain about whether I would accept the position (assuming they offer it):
1. The shift schedule. There are two openings...a day shift and swing shift, which is either 6:30-2:30 or 2:00-10:00. Not ideal times.
2. Pay. The pay starts out at a lower amount, then after 6 months goes up to a maximum cap. As for annual increases...it seems chancy. One of the sergeants said that in the last three years, there have been two years with NO increase, and one year with a 2% increase. Not painting a bright picture for a successful future.

So, I'm hoping that I have a good interview tomorrow for a Human Resources position. I spoke with the woman I would be working with, and it was a pretty positive conversation. She seemed pleased about my being a trumpeter/musician....her dad played trumpet in the Air Force!

On the apartment front, things are going well. I physically saw almost a dozen candidates on Saturday and Monday, and after talking about them with Wendy, we think we've chosen one. So, things might start happening in the next couple of days!