Friday, August 24, 2007

Who’s Good at Updating Their Blog?

Not me. Sorry for being so lazy about updating. I’ve honestly come close a couple times. But then I think about what anecdote or meaningful thought to share…and come up empty. I continue to read my friends’ blogs, and many of them are content to do a little post every day or so without it being ground-breaking news, so I should probably just relax and make the effort.

#1 thing on most peoples’ minds: work. It’s still going well. This whole last week, 2 people I work closest with (including my boss) have been out of town. So it’s been just me and 2 other HR people. It’s felt pretty laid-back and low-stress. I had a couple big projects that I finished, and have really pouring on the quality HR-traits: efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been nearly a month. Hopefully, they’ll realize that the company is so much better off with me around, that this will lead to a permanent placement.

On the church-side of things…I’ve run the board for a couple Sundays and several practices, so I’ve been given a green light. They’re drawing up the paperwork for me to be officially hired by the church as a member of the sound/tech crew. That extra money every now and then will definitely help…plus it’s fun and good experience.

Bye for now.