Friday, October 19, 2007

Home Full of Laughter

Having kids is certainly draining physically, emotionally, financially, etc....but holy cow the laughter and joy and pride and fun and adventure by far outweighs the negatives.

We're sitting here in the living room after dinner, and Connor is enjoying one of his favorite activities. When Wendy and I are sitting at opposite end of the couch, he'll run up to one of us and say "Push me!". Wendy pushes him in a fit of giggles, then he runs over to me to do the same.

Just a couple minutes ago, he was standing on the couch and started sliding down and off the couch; and he got this dramatic surprised/excited look on his face and asked "What's going on?!" Wendy and I had a great laugh from that one.

Then he watches me type a little bit, and to encourage him learning his name, I start typing: CONNOR NEAL and ask him to tell me what letters/words I'm typing. He gets really excited as he realized it's his name.

Now he has calmed down a bit and is working on a puzzle. He's pretty good at it. He'll try two pieces together until he finds two that fit. "!"