Monday, October 15, 2007


6) It's been a big blessing and a lot of fun to have a regular group of guys to meet with to play poker. Most of them are guys from church, and the others are great too. Aside from the camaraderie, these guys are great players, and I'm learning a lot and improving my game. Texas Hold 'em is just straight-up awesome.

7) Remember our favorite sailor, Scott McMullen?

Last week, while waiting in DMV to take care of car registration and new plates, I got a call from Scott. It was midnight in Bahrain, and he had just gotten off duty. So we chatted for about 20 minutes and caught up a bit. He's doing well...his shifts are 12 hours on/12 off, 3 days on/3 days off. In case you don't know, he works in intelligence and monitors communications of all air and sea craft in the Persian Gulf. And since he's a Petty Officer, 3rd Class (I don't know what that means) he's allowed to have off-base housing.
Oh, and he said that in a couple months, he'll be transferred to a ship off the coast of Japan....or something like that. Pretty cool, eh?

8) One of the things we've tried to do since moving out here is sample local "eateries". There's a decent breakfast burrito to be had a couple blocks from our apartment at a hole-in-the-wall mexican place. Sonic Burger is common out here, but I think it's pretty weak-sauce and not worth it. (Although we get dessert there fairly often) Last Friday, we tried a popular sit-down restaurant that's advertised on tv and radio called "Black-Eyed Pea". Oy vey. Not good. But we'll keep trying.

9) On the TV front, these are the shows I'm watching (and enjoying): Chuck, House, The Office, Journeyman, Numbers, and....I'm getting my foot in the door with Heroes. I guess I'll have to find a place that's renting season one.