Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guess who's back?

Ok, I remember when I did that last post back on Dec. 26, I considered making a "resolution" to post more regularly. I know I only have about 3 regular "readers" (more like "check-in-once-a-monthers"); maybe partially because there's rarely anything exciting to intrigue more viewers?

Anywho, wanted to share a story that Wendy doesn't know about cuz she wasn't here.

Tonight while Wendy was out, Connor was playing with one of his toy phones. He'll make it ring and then start talking to someone randomly. Tonight, in addition to his usual calls to grandma/papa and steve/nikki...he "called" ric and jeri. Here's kind of how the call went:

Hey Ric! Hey Jeri!


What you doing?


I have trains.

Oh, ok.


I ask Connor what Ric and Jeri wanted, and he says, "Ric wants chips".