Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ok, so several guys from church play poker every Wednesday night. It's a 10-man table, $20 each, top 3 pay out (100, 60, 40). I've gone three times when there's been an open seat (when one of the regulars doesn't come). Steve (my bro) went once too. My first time, I placed 2nd. My 2nd time (when Steve went) I didn't do so hot and took 6th, but Steve place 3rd and doubled-up.

Then there's tonight. I just got home after my first big win! I love playing with these guys. It's awesome male-bonding/fellowship, all the guys are nice and funny. A few of them play a few times a week, and travel to casinos to play in big cash games.

One of them, Jerry, was in California yesterday sitting at a table with Jamie Gold and JC Chan, a couple top pros I see on TV a lot. He's great about helping me learn the game, advising me what I should've done after a hand, or answering questions, etc.

Then it hit me. Hmmm, Jerry Jenkins sounds familiar. He said he's an author. Then tonight, when everyone was pitching in on a string of jokes that I won't try to explain, he mentioned that one of the guys was "Left Behind" and everyone laughed. It dawned on me that this was the guy that wrote the Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye. Woah!

My deal with Wendy is that I'm allowed the $20 stake once a month. If I don't place and get cash back, I'm done for the month. If I win, I've got a stake for another game. When you think about how much dinner and a movie costs nowadays, it's a pretty cheap way to have fun on a guy's night out.