Wednesday, September 26, 2007

God is Good

Wendy has already mentioned this on her blog, but for those who don't read hers, here's the good news: the place I've been temping hired me on permanently. I'm finally making more money than I ever did in California, and since I'm at the Corporate HQ, I get the Corporate benefits package. What a blessing! Medical, dental, vision for the entire family is covered; 3x my annual salary in life insurance; $15k in disability; 2 weeks vacation per year.

Not to mention that it's a great company and it's nice working with good people too.

The other great thing that happened recently, was church's Men's retreat I went to this last weekend. Steve (my bro) went too. It was pretty intense...and I don't just mean spiritually. The main thrust of the leadership was building relationships. And I guess they thought team competitions was one way to accomplish that.

There were 3 teams (green, red, and blue) Steve and I were on Green. We got checked in around 7pm on Friday, and after an opening session around a bonfire, they launched us right into a 3-hour volleyball/basketball tournament. I chose volleyball since I abhor running. I was pretty awesome - our team won like 15 games in a row and I got a pretty decent workout.

The next day had a couple hours of capture-the-flag: green won those game too. That night, I was holding my own in an impromptu ping-pong tournament.

In between all the sports/etc. there were great times of men sharing their lives, God working on our hearts, and the starting of accountability groups. I've been in men's Bible studies before, but never a real, hard-core accountability group.

I'm tired...time for sleep.