Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Worship Is Dangerous

As I was driving in to work this morning, instead of my usual talk radio fare, I was listening to Fike & Dana's Make a Sound. I like when I feel like worshiping. There are many times when I worship out of obedience, or out of the knowledge that I'll be glad I did afterwards, but there's a different, special feeling of yearningto worship.

Anyways, as I was singing along with "Ascend to Heaven", there's a line that says:

"You are glorious and victorious, and you've welcomed us into your arms."

I was suddenly struck by the disparity of those two phrases.

1. God is the mighty, powerful, ruler of the universe (glorious/victorious)
2. God loves us dearly and wants to embrace and cherish us (welcomed us into your arms)

As I often do, I likened it to the whole King/medieval analogy.
Imagine a powerful, regal king holding court. He issues edicts, he pronounces judgements. He makes war and signs laws. He distributes wealth and manages the resources of the kingdom. Then, in the middle of all the "business", he stops everything and makes eye contact with you.
"Come here, my son," he says to you.
You look around sheepishly, knowing that he can't mean you because you aren't really his son.
"Me?" you ask.
As he nods with a smile, you start to make your way up the steps of the dais, approaching his throne with fear and awe.
Not waiting for you to go all the way, he rushes down the rest of the steps and meets you half-way, picking you up in a big bear hug.
"I love you. You are the most important thing to me in all of my kingdom."

In not so many words, that is the imagery and sense of God's love and presence I felt this morning as I drove. I had to stop singing as my throat closed and the tears came. I had to blink a lot so I could see the road and other cars....that's why worship is dangerous.

But even as I thought of that title (albeit, somewhat tongue-in-cheek), I realized there is more truth to it.

A while ago, our worship team covered a chapter in the book we were reading entitled, "Worship in Spiritual Warfare". When we worship, and arm ourselves with God's word, and are backed by His power (which we tap into through worship), we become dangerous to the enemy. I like that. =)