Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview, Schminterview

I wanted to pause in my Retreat posting to talk about my job interview yesterday before I find out the result. First of all, I was told to try and get there early, as it would probably take longer to get on base due to the welcome-home-troops stuff going on. My interview was at 10:00, so I got to the base right at about 9:00 - and was through the gate and parking by 9:05. Wha?! Oh I'm super early, but didn't want to go in THAT early, so I sat in my car and read my Bible which I conveniently (and intentionally) had brought. It was a great way to steady any nerves...but then, come to think of it, I realized I wasn't nervous!

And when I walked into the office, I was about 10 minutes early and was able to hang/chat with the HR assistant there who I've been friends with these last couple years as we work on a lot of things together. She asked if I was nervous, and I was happy to answer "No." I think that has been one of the benefits of interviewing for jobs, is that the experience has boosted my confidence, despite the rejections.

It went really well, they said they had heard a lot of good things about me, and were planning on making a decision soon, so we'll see!