Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stick To The Plan

I've always kind of noticed a pattern for me, but lately I've been think about it more intentionally and analyzing what it means.

Call it "Instinct" or "Intuition" or even just "Going with your gut"...however you try to label that ambiguous phenomenon, I feel like I've always had an above-average portion allotted to me. Might be that's why I'm good at remembering how to get somewhere. Might be that's why I seem to often make lane changes at just the right time. Might be related to discernment in people's character. But it goes beyond these things.

If I'm going to the store, I usually have a list or know the items I intend to purchase. My wife will attest to the fact that I notoriously end up grabbing a couple of "unplanned" items. Then I discover that either she had already purchased it, we don't really need it, or I regret it for some reason. I should have just stuck to the plan.

On a larger scale, I've hypothesized how this applies in other, more significant areas. Like when I was living in Denver and realized that I loved Wendy. I decided that I wanted to move back to California and marry her. There were a number of roadblocks and doubts, some tears and some sweat, but I stuck with the "Plan" and look how great that turned out!

Same thing when deciding to move out here to CO - roadblocks, doubts, etc....but I stuck with the plan that I knew was good, and again we've seen God's hand of blessing on us.

Now comes the self-chastisement. If I KNOW that sticking to a plan I know is good produces good results, why don't I always "stick to the plan"? In my walk with God, I know that reading His Word and praying to him on a regular basis is a good plan. But when I come up with a plan to help me do those things, I inevitably seem to fail...I alter or dismiss the plan. I remained convinced that it's a good plan, but I guess I remain unconvinced that it's worth my time and energy?

I vent my frustration (mostly at myself - though I admit I offered a smidge to God this morning in my prayer in which I used the phrase "What's the deal?") hoping to find some answers and inspiration at the men's retreat this weekend. If the last two men's retreats are any indication, I'm expecting God to do some big stuff. Should make for some good blog fodder next week! =)