Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sunday was great. Since Nikki was working (Server at Old Chicago restaurant), I decided to visit my home church from when I lived in Denver. I really, really liked this church for the 7-8 months I attended…..and I’m happy to say it’s still a great church and I felt very comfortable and it’s an even better church. Here’s their website: http://www.greenwoodcc.com

Greenwood Community Church-1 Greenwood Community Church-2

The first person I saw was Roger, a gentleman who recruited me to help start a college group because they didn’t have one back then. And though the main pastor wasn’t there, the man who spoke (Rich) was a guy who had taken me under his wing, so it was exciting to hear him.

After the service, I explored the renovated campus a bit, and enjoyed the view behind the church. Absolutely breath-taking. And not just the view, it was shockingly quiet and serene. I spent several minutes standing there just being; just soaking it in.

Greenwood Community Church-4
Greenwood Com. Church-5

As for the job hunt, yesterday (Monday) I spent hours going over my job leads and decided that I wanted to go to each Christian ministry in Colorado Springs in person to deliver my resume and (hopefully) speak with someone in person. Here’s the challenge: there are close to 100 ministries here!! So I spent a lot of time researching them on the internet and called on a few to narrow down the search some. I narrowed it down to about 30, I’ve got a street address and phone number for each. Today, I planned out a route that would be efficient to hit all 30 in one (long) day-trip.

But then I realized the only cover letter I had done was targeted specifically at a company I had applied at, so I made a new cover letter…..and there was no printer paper. I went to the store and got some. I got back and realized I only had about 15 resumes….soooo off to Kinkos. I make sure I’ve got at least 30 copies of my resume and cover letter, then headed back home to sign and collate. Oh yeah and I had to eat, but I had to go to the store because I started making something I didn’t have all the ingredients for.

Ok, this is kind of rambling….the point is, I got sidetracked a lot and didn’t make it out on the road. That’s ok, I’m going to fill out some applications that were available online so I can turn them in as well, hopefully speeding up the process.

So it looks like Wednesday I will be able to be on the road finally. I’ve been emailing/applying about other jobs off and on the last couple days, so I’m still creating new job leads. I’m feeling pretty positive about tomorrow.

I’ll have another non-work-related post soon.
Sorry for the long post!