Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Went back to work today...so this was my Monday....and boy did it act like one.

First of all, major bummer: Godspell's been cancelled. Vanguard is pulling back a bit to get expenses under control. Too bad I bought the CD and an audition book last week. I've been getting pretty psyched over the last couple weeks, but I guess I'll just put that on the shelf and hope they try again next year.

Second, I'm still sick...so that's fun. I'm gonna try to suck it up and go run tonight, though. Mental toughness....yea, dawg!

Third, Today was my first day on the cleanse program. Shake for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, just finished my shake for dinner. I'm gonna be dreaming about steak and fried chicken tonight. I also drank about 90-100 ounces of water today (so far), and peed more often than I remember ever doing before! Tomorrow is another "shake day" and then Thursday I switch to the cleanse drink stuff.

I'm probably gonna sack out early tonight. I'm only about 50 pages away from the end of Two Towers, so I might power through that and start on ROTK tomorrow.