Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodbye, October

Sorry for taking so long for another post. (Not that I've heard any complaints!) And this isn't gonna be an audio one, because I'm doing this one from work on my lunch break.

It's pretty loose around here today. I guess cuz of Halloween. There was a potluck and several people dressed up. Today I'm 3-hole-punch-Josh (ala "The Office").

So, I'm on my last day of my cleanse program. Or maybe yesterday was...I caved and got some food here at lunch, and we're going out for pizza tonight cuz a friend is moving away. I don't think I'm cut out for a lifestyle of HUNGRY-ALL-THE-TIME, so this isn't going to be a regular thing for me.

But I was still pretty surprised when I got on the scale this morning to be greeted by a number combination I haven't seen since I was 17: 182. Really? I've been faithfully drinking the shakes, taking the pills, drinking the cleanse drink stuff; but a couple of times I've had to get "real food" on my way to church straight from work or whatever. So I thought that might've messed things up, yet somehow I lost 2 pounds since yesterday (184 yesterday morning).

So I'll finish drinking the stuff today, and that'll be that. Glad I did it....maaaaybe would do it again in a year or two or three if it feels like good timing. Otherwise, I'm gonna stick with keeping portion sizes down, minimal soda, exercising. As one of my favorite profs from Biola, Jerry Gruendyke, used to often say: "That's what we call 'A Good Deal'."

(p.s. Jeri - is that punctuation right? with the period where it is?) =)