Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week Wrap

(Or is it a weak rap?)

So, I was thinking today that other than the couple of people I've shared with this week (Wendy and Jonah...that's about it!), everyone else that knows me probably has no idea what I've been up to recently. So I'm going to go out on a limb here, and assume someone cares, and tell you. =)

Work-wise, I was pretty busy. Lots of stuff happened that I won't bore you with, but can be summed up with these three point: 1) I got to visit Peterson Air Force Base to out-process employees on a contract that was ending (including free lunch at Chili's!); 2) I almost had an opportunity to got to Ft. Knox, Kentucky to help in-process 17 new employees for a new contract; and 3) it was generally a very busy, somewhat-stressful week...and I was quite exhausted.

On top of work, I'm running sound for church this week, which includes running the Wednesday night service and the practices for Sunday. This week included extra rehearsals on Thursday night and today (Saturday). So...more time not at home.

On the funner side of things....via Netflix this week I watched the re-make of "3:10 to Yuma" and "The Golden Compass". Also, I've been scanning like the Dickens...something I've been wanting to get done for years. I started with high school photos, and am well into my 2nd year at Biola now. I know some folks are eager to finally see them after years of teasing about doing this. It's coming.....soon.

Though most friends/family may not care, I'm also doing very well in Fallen Sword. I'm a high-ranking leader of an established guild, and things are going swimmingly. I'm also just one mission away from completing the Zerg missions on Starcraft.

So, I've gotta leave in about a half hour to run sound for rehearsal at church. But hey, I finally did an update! *pats self on back*