Monday, October 20, 2008


*name of a sweet jazz/blues song (on Harry Connick's "25" album)

I feel a bit like a "Lazybones" 1) because I haven't updated my blog in 9 days, and 2) because I stayed home from work today cause this cold is kicking my butt...but I didn't accomplish anything. I did what I was supposed to do when you're sick: I rested. I actually have a hard time sleeping during the day, but I spent several hours in bed, and actually slept! That's a sure sign that I'm sick.

I'm going to be in a few minutes (it's about 10:45 as I type this), and am actually feeling a bit better. I'm going to continue taking my over-the-counter meds, but I'm going to try going to work tomorrow. I know there are people out there that like to "milk it", even when there's a legitimate reason for skipping work, but I've always hated missing school/work/etc. I think I missed maybe 2-3 days of school during my 4 years in high school. When I was teaching, we had 10 "sick/personal" days allotted to us each year. The only time I used any of those days, is when Connor was born I took a week off. Other than that I had maybe (again) 2-3 days that I "stayed home sick" during the 4 years I taught.

Anyways, I haven't mentioned this on here yet, but in another phase of attack on my body, I'm starting a "cleanse" program tomorrow. It's called Isagenix. A guy at church that I met on the men's retreat in August has done it a few times and signed me up. Weight loss is more of a side-effect with this. The main purpose is to "cleanse" the body of all the toxins, chemicals, etc. we've got in our bodies. I'll be sure to give updates on how that goes. I'm not going to talk about it on Facebook though, just here.

I'm also less than 100 pages away from finishing The Two Towers, which I'm "scheduled" to finish by Thursday for the Tolkien Reading Quest. Yay me!

I'm auditioning for Godspell next week! I'm hoping this cold goes away soon so I can practice full voice and be confident physically. I'm not 100% on a song yet. They only want 16 bars (industry standard), and I'm leaning towards auditioning with a non-Godspell song. I'm thinking "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph or (if I'm ballsy enough) "Who Am I?" from Les Mis. I kind of like the idea of belting out: "2-4-6-0-OOOOOONNNNNEE!!!" =)

That's all for now. Come back again. (When your RSS feed reader tells you I've updated)