Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 years old

Do you remember when you were 5? I have a few vague bits and pieces of specific memories, but mostly I think it's just a general sense of discovery of the world and trying to cram as much fun as possible in between the parent-enforced meal and sleep times.

Me, a little younger than Connor now:

Thank goodness Connor is a cuter kid!:

Connor turned 5 last week (Jan. 3), but we threw his party today (Saturday). We went to Pump It Up, the warehouse full of big bounce houses and slides, etc. There were many awesome moments.

---being kinda scared of the really big slide, but then once he was forced to try it (with mom) he couldn't get enough; going on it dozens of times in a row without pause
---seeing his best friend Justus arrive and bouncing like crazy up and down (in the lobby, not even in a bounce house thing)
---getting to sit on a throne as King for a day
---having a bunch of kids crowding around him shoving presents at him saying "Open mine next!"
---at the end having him yell at the room of 40+ people: "THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!"
---sitting with Wendy for a while after dinner, writing the names of kids on thank you cards and signing them himself

Very proud of my little guy.