Monday, January 19, 2009


Wow. Today I was incredibly focused. I felt like I got more done at work than I had hoped/planned to. Maybe it's because I stayed home on Friday while Wendy slept off the flu, but I felt like I had to make up for lost time. Maybe it's the Type-A nerd in me, but there's something satisfying about having a stack of files and paperwork in the morning that's magically gone by the time you leave!

Speaking of Focus, I'm going to need it, and discipline, over the next couple of months, as I realized this week that I will be doing regular reading out of three books.

1. Way of the Wild Heart, John Eldridge - going through this with the 3 other guys in my accountability group. It's awesome, because all of us have sons, and the book is about the process of masculinity for ourselves, and to train our sons.

2. Heart of the Artist, Rory Noland - our worship team (which includes those onstage, and off) meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Fike's house (our worship pastor). Last year we went through Exploring Worship...and are continuing being intentional about looking at what worship is, and what our roles are in the Church.

3. Real Marriage, Kelly & Tosha Williams - our pastor and his wife wrote this book over the last 3 years, and just had it published a month ago; and now we're attending the 12-week class they're leading based on their book. Holy cow...we're in for a ride. Kind of like Viper at Magic Mountain: a bit scary, can make your stomach turn on the really bad twists, but when it's over you realize how much fun and exciting it was!