Sunday, January 11, 2009


I still love the "magic" that happens when God moves and works in you...whether you're expecting it or not. It seems like about half the time I go to church, I don't feel like it. I'm thinking about how busy the rest of the day is going to be, or about what to do for lunch, or anything and everything else except connecting with God.

Part of our worship pastor's prayer in between songs today said something to the effect of: "Forgive us, Father, for the distance we create between our hearts and yours. Meet with us now, God and help us to re-connect to you." That spoke to me a lot. Indictment on the sin I allow and selfishness that prevents me from focusing on putting God's will as the #1 priority in my life.

True to form, God did just that. I was a bit slow in releasing and allowing my heart and mind to slow down and focus, but once I did a couple things began to happen. I had two significant revelations.

1: Even though the concept of "white as snow" is a familiar one, the weight of sin and separation from God every day often is a difficult obstacle for me to realize that when I repent, God removes the sin as far as East from West, and sees the righteousness of Christ when He looks at me. I let the guilt and shame of my sin prevent the healing and realization that every day I have opportunity to be a new creature. But today, I really felt like a new creature. I felt that I was truly being cleansed and made "white as snow".

2: One of the central themes of "The Way of the Wild Heart" by John Eldredge (reading it with my accountability group - separate review/discussion to come later) has been that we, as men, are needing to feel like the Beloved Son of our Father, and that He is saying "You have what it takes" - the main question of the male heart. (According to Eldredge) During worship today, as revelation #1 was sinking in, I moved into revelation #2: God is pleased with me, and thinks of me as His Beloved Son. I can't tell you how awesome it was to feel His favor that way.

Just further reminders that if I don't feel like going to church on a given Sunday, there's a good chance that's the enemy hoping to prevent me from experiencing God in a new and awesome way. Now I'm able to anticipate meeting God afresh whenever I get that lazy feeling again.